Part of our vision for Lightning Bug is to open things up for collaboration with other makers and artists, to create unique things for the shop that are sort of on the theme of local/Pennsylvania. Read below to find out more about our collaborators!

Pamela Luu :: Still Not A Hippie
Product :: Teaberry Lip Balm

A work trip to Seattle during her corporate job days is where Still Not A Hippie’s Pamela discovered solid lotion. And then a service trip to Guatemala is where her curiosity about essential oils and making natural products really took off.  

What started with just making products for herself and then for friends and family out of a desire to help make their lives a little better, grew into a small business. Pamela loves showing people that simple and natural products are fabulous.

Though she’s quite the introvert, Pamela can be found at various makers markets between Pittsburgh and Scranton slingin’ the SNAH line because she enjoys the face-to-face time to introduce people to her products. And since she loves food, you’re likely to find her munching on some of the tasty eats being sold at a market.

Pamela wants you to see that even though you may be going the natural route with some things, you’re “Still Not A Hippie”. :-p

Where in PA has she lived? - Born and raised in Lancaster County (Conestoga, specifically, and then Lancaster (closer to Millersville). - State College (for college and then just stayed) - Looking to move to Pittsburgh in 2019

Favorite PA foods: pierogies, cheesesteaks, soft pretzels, whoopie pie, and birch beer


Kristen Osborne Carroll :: Ossa Gaia  
Product :: 814 Copper Cuff

Inspired by nature and the Divine Feminine, Ossa Gaia pays homage to Mother Earth with hand-forged artisan jewelry created with responsibly sourced metals and gemstones. Certified by Green America and a member of the Ethical Metalsmiths, Ossa Gaia crafts each piece of jewelry with the past, present and future of the Earth and its inhabitants in mind.

Owner, artist and Pennsylvania native Kristen Osborne Carroll also teaches writing at Penn State, reads voraciously, and even writes a thing or two herself when she gets a chance. In naming her business, which roughly translates to Bones of Mother Earth, Kristen drew on her background in literature and an ancient Greek origin story. Kristen lives in Bellefonte with her husband; two children; two furry, four-legged overlords; and an unruly stockpile of loose-leaf tea.

Where in PA has she lived? Born and raised in Oil City, Kristen lived in Pittsburgh after high school before moving to Charleston, SC. More than a decade later, she moved back to Oil City briefly before settling in Happy Valley in 2012.

Favorite PA Foods: Pierogies, apples, sweet corn, Mong’s French Onion Dip, Good Intent Cider, Meyer Dairy chocolate milk, Berkey Creamery ice cream (Alumni Swirl!)


Justin Guerino 
Product :: Blair County & Visit Pennsylvania Shirts

Justin is a designer living & working in Pittsburgh, PA with his wife Mandy and dog Rigby. Justin has a strong passion for custom hand-lettering, motion graphics, hiking, kayaking (pretty much anything outdoors) and cooking. He is also an avid food & beer enthusiast, typography nerd and lover of dogs. When he is not designing, you will find him in the kitchen cooking up creative dishes for his blog @heiferandhog. Learn more about Justin and check out his work at


Cory Nalbone :: Nalbone Ingenuity 
Product :: Keystone Coasters - coming soon!

After taking a woodworking class as an elective in 2005, I ended up taking Wood and Furniture design up as a second major while studying Photography at Edinboro University of Pennsylvania.  I completed my degree in 2008, and while living in Erie, I volunteered at the Edinboro University wood studios as a lab monitor so I could continue making.  Once I moved to Pittsburgh, I had stopped working until 2013, when I began Nalbone Ingenuity, LLC and have had a home-shop since. I grew up in Jamestown, NY prior to attending Edinboro, and Jamestown was known as the "furniture capital of the world" for many years. I did not know that I had relatives that had been in the furniture industry until I approached graduation.  It wasn't until 2018 after my grandfather passed that I found out that prior to his official occupation of a power plant foreman, he was a furniture inspector (he also had done photography for many years as a side job). 
I have been drawn to the works of Frank Lloyd Wright, Greene and Greene, Stickley and many other Arts and Crafts artisans, but for custom pieces have worked with the client to decide what the end result will be. Typically, I work with three species of wood, maple, cherry and walnut, with accents of African Padauk or Purpleheart.
When not working in the shop, I work at a full-time job in retail or as a property manager for a small company in Springdale, PA. I enjoy doing "Pittsburgh" things including sporting events, food festivals, visiting the local museums or taking the camera out to photograph the area and downtown.
Where in PA has he lived? I have lived in Edinboro, PA for school, followed by Erie, PA until moving to Pittsburgh in 2010. 
Favorite PA Foods: 
Peppi's in the strip mushroom or Uncle Sams ultra for a sandwich a Keg burger from the Empty Keg in Edinboro (John Wildwood Pizza is also something that I miss about there too). and honestly, any local diner (currently Davids Diner in Springdale PA) breakfast that they love to promote with a steady stream of coffee. Home cooked foods by my local friends are always, always the best. 
Elizabeth Thorell :: Ameraucana Handmade
Bio coming soon!


Paul and Alexander Zemaitis :: Moonrise Candle Co. 
Product :: Berries + Sage Candle

Bio coming soon!


Stephanie and Andrew Hite :: Trade Secrets
Product :: Candy Cup Bath Bar

Bio Coming Soon!


Steven Smith :: Canoe Creek Coffee Roaster
Product :: Lightning Bug Blend Coffee

Canoe Creek Coffee Roaster offers hand roasted, single origin coffee from around the world. If you are local to the Altoona/Hollidaysburg area we can deliver your coffee to you, or if you need us to, can ship it to your door step.